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Dive into the roots of New England Wagyu and explore our journey towards sustainable excellence.

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Roots of Passion

From Humble Beginnings to Wagyu Excellence

Our story unfolds with a simple yet transformative decision: acquiring two Wagyu steers for personal consumption. The first taste of this exceptional beef was nothing short of a revelation, setting us on an unwavering path dedicated to the Wagyu breed. Initially motivated by a quest for superior meat quality, we quickly became advocates for the highest standards of animal welfare. As our small circle of friends and family relished the flavors we shared, their enthusiasm mirrored our own and spurred us to dream bigger. This wasn’t just about enjoying premium beef; it was about creating a legacy of quality, care, and respect for the land and livestock.

The positive feedback ignited a desire to expand, yet we vowed to maintain the integrity and welfare of each animal as our herd grew. This ethical commitment shaped every decision, leading us to the pivotal acquisition of a USDA Federally inspected processing plant. This move was more than an expansion—it was a declaration of our dedication to ensuring that every animal’s life is honored with the utmost respect and compassion.

Today, New England Wagyu stands as a testament to our journey: a thriving farm with over 200 head of cattle, a state-of-the-art breeding program, and a beloved retail location in Mason, New Hampshire. Each step from our modest beginnings to our current success tells a story of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of quality and ethical farming.

Discover the Journey: From Pasture to Plate

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Holistic Harmony

Cultivating Care, Ensuring Quality

At New England Wagyu, we uphold a philosophy that intertwines the well-being of our land with the welfare of our animals, setting us apart as one of the few producers with control from birth to butchering. This unique approach allows us to ensure that each of our 200 cattle receives the utmost care and lives a stress-free, happy life.

Our commitment extends beyond the animals to the land they graze on, promoting a healthy, sustainable environment for them to thrive. We welcome visitors to witness this harmonious balance at our farms and our USDA-certified processing plant, where our dedication to ethical, transparent farming is evident in every detail.

Nurtured Cattle
Committed Team Members
Unmatched Quality Commitment

Unique Features of Our Wagyu

At New England Wagyu, we pride ourselves on maintaining a herd that is DNA-verified 100% Wagyu, setting us apart from operations that dilute the breed with faster-growing counterparts. Experience the purity and excellence that define our approach.

Pasture-Raised Excellence

Our Wagyu thrive outdoors, grazed rotationally on pastures year-round without the use of feedlots or stalls, promoting a natural and stress-free environment.

Exclusive Processing Control

At our own USDA-processing facility, the Local Butcher in Center Barnstead, NH, we ensure each cut is stress-free and custom tailored to culinary excellence.

Sustainability and Ethics

We adhere to responsible farming practices, ensuring our Wagyu not only live well but also contribute to the ecological balance.

Empowering heroes

Support the Travis Mills Foundation

Join us in aiding recalibrated veterans and their families through the Travis Mills Foundation.

"The meats here are perfect for any occasion but are extra special to serve around the holidays. Every cut of Wagyu beef we have enjoyed has been prepared with loving care and strict attention to quality. Even the ground Wagyu is elegant. It all cooks beautifully. New England Wagyu is outstanding."
"I have had Wagyu beef multiple times on both coasts as I spend 6 weeks a year in CA. New England Wagyu is absolutely the best I have ever had. It is melt in your mouth tender and the flavor is fantastic. Diana and her terrific staff at the Hilltop Farm and at the Peterborough Farmers Market provide exceptional customer service. I love visiting both locations and highly recommended New England Wagyu."
Deborah Monte
"Excellent quality beef that you won't find anywhere else. You can't beat the prices or customer service either. Incredible family owned farm. Don't get your beef anywhere else."
Sally Pouliot
"This is what people think there getting at the supermarket, local food local people."
Brian Moran
"Absolutely wonderful place to get the best cuts of meat. Go support a local farm. You won't be sorry."
Dave Z.
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