New England Wagyu

Meet Our Team

Sam Rowse Owner
Diana Templeton Owner
Morgaine o'Connor Sales Director / Customer Relations
Hunter Weston TMR Specialist
Brandy Johnson Cattle manager
Shawn Albee Mechanic & Problem Solver
"The meats here are perfect for any occasion but are extra special to serve around the holidays. Every cut of Wagyu beef we have enjoyed has been prepared with loving care and strict attention to quality. Even the ground Wagyu is elegant. It all cooks beautifully. New England Wagyu is outstanding."
Vicky Hawks
"I have had Wagyu beef multiple times on both coasts as I spend 6 weeks a year in CA. New England Wagyu is absolutely the best I have ever had. It is melt in your mouth tender and the flavor is fantastic. Diana and her terrific staff at the Hilltop Farm and at the Peterborough Farmers Market provide exceptional customer service. I love visiting both locations and highly recommended New England Wagyu."
Deborah Monte
"Excellent quality beef that you won't find anywhere else. You can't beat the prices or customer service either. Incredible family owned farm. Don't get your beef anywhere else."
Sally Pouliot
"This is what people think there getting at the supermarket, local food local people."
Brian Moran
"Absolutely wonderful place to get the best cuts of meat. Go support a local farm. You won't be sorry."
Dave Z.
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