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Elevate your grilling and culinary experiences with New England Wagyu’s Kabobs, featuring a luxurious mix of NY Strip, Ribeye, and Tenderloin Tips. This mix and match bundle, totaling two pounds, offers an array of bite-sized pieces perfect for crafting the ultimate steak tips, mouth-watering kabobs, or the most decadent beef stew you’ve ever tasted.


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Indulge in the rich, nuanced flavors of our Wagyu Kabobs and bring a touch of luxury to your everyday meals and special occasions alike.

– Each package provides two pounds of our premium Wagyu cuts, ensuring a generous serving for gatherings or multiple meals.

– Carefully cut into bite-sized pieces, these kabobs are ready to be the star of your next barbecue or gourmet dish.

– Our Kabobs are sourced from pasture-raised Wagyu cattle, reflecting our commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices. Due to the natural variances in our cattle rearing, exact sizes may vary, highlighting the genuine quality of our products.

– Shipped frozen in vacuum-sealed packages to maintain the integrity, freshness, and rich flavor of our Wagyu beef from our farm to your table.



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