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Flat Cut Brisket

Immerse yourself in the art of barbecue with New England Wagyu’s exquisite, well-marbled brisket. A cut celebrated for its rich flavors and tender texture, our brisket transforms any gathering into an unforgettable feast. Esteemed by professional Pitmasters, especially in the competitive circuits, our brisket is the secret behind many award-winning dishes.


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Indulge in the distinct, luxurious flavors of our Wagyu brisket and elevate your barbecue to new heights.

Given its superior marbling, typical of our 100% DNA-verified Wagyu, we advise opting for a larger size to accommodate the natural reduction during cooking. This ensures a bountiful, delectable experience with every serving.

– Sourced from our locally raised, ethically treated Wagyu cattle.

– Your brisket arrives in eco-friendly packaging, underscoring our dedication to sustainability.

– Shipped frozen to preserve the freshness and quality, ready for your culinary touch.



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wagyu flat cut brisket
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