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Explore the rising star of the steak world with New England Wagyu’s Denver Steak, one of the most treasured “hidden gems” within our selection. Originating from the chuck, this cut offers a remarkable, buttery flavor that competes with the luxury of a Ribeye or Strip, but at a more accessible price point. The Denver’s thicker profile makes it perfect for those who cherish the depth of a traditional sear or the innovation of a reverse sear cooking method.


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Dive into the luxurious world of Wagyu with our Denver Steak and enjoy a culinary experience that is both unique and rare in America, mirroring the esteemed quality typically reserved for Japanese beef.

– Average weight: 10 oz., ideal for a satisfying, indulgent meal.

– Directly sourced from our sustainably and ethically raised local Wagyu cattle, ensuring a journey of care from our farm to your plate.

– Your steak is securely shipped frozen and surrounded by eco-friendly insulation, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition while supporting our dedication to the environment.



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