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Flat Iron

Discover the “hidden gem” of New England Wagyu: the Flat Iron steak. Esteemed for its exceptional marbling that stands up to that of the Ribeye and K.C. Strip, it offers gourmet quality at a more approachable price. Its thinner cut is ideal for those seeking a swift, high-heat sear, delivering a mouthwatering experience that compromises on nothing.


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Indulge in the exceptional, with every slice promising a taste of Wagyu perfection, unparalleled in texture and flavor.

– Average weight: 10 oz., designed for those perfect, indulgent meal moments.

– Our cattle are locally raised, ensuring each steak comes from animals treated with respect and care, following our commitment to sustainable practices.

– Packaged and shipped frozen in eco-friendly insulation, ensuring the steak arrives in optimal condition, ready to cook and savor.

– An elusive class of truly extraordinary beef, this Flat Iron steak boasts a quality consistent with the revered standards found in Japan, yet it remains a rare find in America.



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