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Hanger Steak

Savor the distinct, robust flavor of New England Wagyu’s Hanger Steak, also known as the Hanging Tender. This special cut, derived from the short plate, offers a rich, savory experience with a texture that beautifully balances tenderness and bite, akin to a Ribeye or KC Strip. Ideal for those who cherish depth of flavor, our Hanger Steak shines when marinated and cooked to perfection, whether grilled or seared.


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Dive into the luxurious world of Wagyu with our Hanger Steak and experience a taste that’s rare in America, echoing the exceptional standards of Japanese Wagyu. Enjoy a cut that elevates every meal into a gourmet event.

– Average weight: 1 lb, offering a generous portion that’s perfect for a satisfying meal.

– Proudly sourced from our sustainably raised, 100% DNA-verified Wagyu cattle, ensuring a product that’s not only delicious but ethically produced.

– Delivered to you frozen in eco-friendly insulation, guaranteeing freshness and quality while supporting our commitment to the environment.


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