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Embrace the pinnacle of gourmet dining with New England Wagyu’s Ribeye, revered as the King of Steaks for its rich marbling and sensational flavor. Whether you’re looking to impress at a dinner party or enjoy a luxurious meal at home, our ribeye promises an unrivaled culinary experience. Available in both boneless cuts for traditional elegance and bone-in cowboy and tomahawk steaks for added grandeur and taste.


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Dive into a world where exceptional quality meets deep, unforgettable flavors with our Wagyu Ribeye. Experience a steak that stands in a class of its own, mirroring the unparalleled standards found in the finest Japanese Wagyu, yet proudly raised and nurtured here in America.

– Average weight: 16 oz, perfect for satisfying hearty appetites or shared between two.

– Sourced from our 100% DNA-verified Wagyu cattle, raised locally and processed with the utmost care.

– Your steak arrives frozen, packed in eco-friendly insulation to ensure it remains in pristine condition.



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