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Shanks / Osso Buco

Delve into the deep, rich flavors of New England Wagyu’s Shanks/Osso Buco, a classic cut that promises a luxurious dining experience. Translating to “bone with a hole,” this cut offers a stunning presentation and a taste that embodies the heart of gourmet cooking. Whether braised, grilled, or pressure-cooked, the tender meat and rich flavors provide a comforting and hearty meal.


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Experience the versatility and exquisite taste of our Wagyu Shanks/Osso Buco, and bring a touch of elegance and tradition to your next meal.

– Average weight: 3 lbs., ensuring a substantial serving that’s perfect for family dinners or sophisticated gatherings.

– Our shanks are sourced from locally raised, 100% DNA-verified Wagyu cattle, reflecting our unwavering commitment to ethical, sustainable farming practices.

– Your order arrives in eco-friendly insulation, frozen to preserve the integrity and natural flavors of the premium Wagyu beef, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience from our farm to your table.



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