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Shoulder Tenderloin

Indulge in the pinnacle of tenderness with New England Wagyu’s Tenderloin, a cut revered as the jewel of beef selections. Harvested from the loin section of the hindquarter, this steak epitomizes luxury and refinement in every bite, offering a dining experience that is both sublime and unparalleled.


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Savor the unmatched elegance and exquisite taste of our Wagyu Tenderloin, offering a level of quality and taste consistent with the finest beef found in Japan, yet a rare gem in America. Embrace this extraordinary culinary treasure and transform any meal into a memorable feast.

– Noted for its exceptional tenderness, making it perfect for grilling to achieve a melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

– Each tenderloin is shipped frozen in vacuum-sealed packages, ensuring the preservation of its quality, flavor, and texture.

– Due to our commitment to raising cattle in open pastures, the exact sizes of our tenderloins may vary, reflecting our natural and sustainable farming practices.


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