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Skirt Steak

Rediscover the vibrant, flavorful world of steak with New England Wagyu’s Skirt Steak. This lesser-known cut is a culinary treasure, boasting a distinct, grainy texture and an intense beefy flavor that can elevate any dish. Its robust taste and versatility make it a staple in Mexican cuisine and a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike.


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Explore the unique taste and culinary possibilities of our Wagyu Skirt Steak and let your culinary creativity flourish with every slice.

– Average weight: 12-16 oz., making it the perfect size for a memorable meal or shared plates.

– Sourced from our ethically raised, locally nurtured Wagyu cattle, ensuring a product that is not only superior in taste but also in quality and sustainability.

– Each steak is carefully packaged and shipped frozen in eco-friendly insulation, maintaining our commitment to the environment while delivering unmatched flavor and freshness.



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