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Steak Tips

Delight in the versatility and flavor of New England Wagyu’s Steak Tips, a curated selection of tender pieces from our finest cuts. These gems provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the exceptional quality of Wagyu beef in a variety of dishes. Ideal for elevating your gourmet kebabs or for searing to perfection in a skillet, our steak tips offer an unbeatable combination of taste and value.


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Experience the luxury of authentic Wagyu with our Steak Tips, offering a culinary adventure that mirrors the exquisite beef found in Japan but is a rare find in America, all at an exceptional value.

– Average weight: 1 lb., providing generous portions for meals that will impress any palate.

– Directly sourced from our sustainably raised, 100% DNA-verified Wagyu cattle, ensuring that every bite is infused with our commitment to quality and ethical farming practices.

– Packaged and shipped in eco-friendly insulation, arriving frozen to preserve their impeccable flavor and quality, aligning with our dedication to environmental responsibility.



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