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Tri Tip

Discover the rich, marbled delight of New England Wagyu’s Tri-Tip, a cut that’s earned its fame from the West Coast and is swiftly capturing the hearts of culinary enthusiasts nationwide. Known for its versatility, the tri-tip excels in the smoker, imparting deep, complex flavors that are sure to impress. Alternatively, slice it into steaks or cube it for sumptuous gourmet kababs, showcasing the exquisite marbling and tenderness that Wagyu is celebrated for.


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Embrace the secret of exceptional grilling with our Wagyu Tri-Tip and experience a cut that balances the perfect marbling and flavor, making every meal a memorable one.

– Average weight: 1.5-1.75 lbs., making it a generous choice for family dinners or special occasions.

– Our Tri-Tip is sourced from locally raised, 100% DNA-verified Wagyu cattle, ensuring a level of quality and sustainability that reflects our commitment to ethical farming practices.

– Your order ships frozen in vacuum-sealed packaging within eco-friendly insulation, guaranteeing that the premier quality and freshness of our beef is preserved from our farm to your table.



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