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Quality & Care

Comprehensive Care, Unmatched Quality

Ethical Excellence from Farm to Table

At New England Wagyu, our commitment to quality and care is deeply rooted in every aspect of our operation. Owners Sam and Diana, who grew up with a strong foundation in animal husbandry, were driven by the lack of information on meat quality in grocery stores to raise animals themselves—both for their own use and for the community. This hands-on involvement ensures that from birth through butchering, every step is managed with the utmost care for animal welfare and environmental sustainability. This integrated approach not only enhances the natural qualities of our Wagyu but also aligns with our dedication to transparency and responsible farming. Witness the remarkable difference our commitment to care and quality makes in every succulent bite of New England Wagyu beef.

Discover the Journey: From Pasture to Plate


Nurtured from Birth

New England Wagyu meticulously manages each phase of our animals’ lives, commencing with their breeding and birth. Utilizing both traditional live cover and advanced reproductive technologies like artificial insemination and embryo placement ensures genetic diversity and vigor. Immediately following birth, each calf receives a comprehensive veterinary check to set the foundation for a healthy life.

Early Care

Foundational Growth

As calves mature, they are moved to our Mason farm under the care of Brian and Cheryl, experts trained in emergency care, who nurture each animal with precision and compassion. Regular health checks and personalized attention are standard, ensuring that each calf thrives from 200 to 1000 pounds. This stage is crucial in developing their physical and emotional well-being.

Pasture Prime

Development Phase

Upon reaching the 1000 pound threshold, the young Wagyu are transferred to the expansive pastures of Peterborough. Here, they graze freely on a diet crafted by the renowned nutritionist Jimmy Horner, promoting natural growth and stress-free living. Our team’s daily interaction with the herd includes regular weigh-ins and ongoing care, reflecting our commitment to their well-being.

Ethical Butchery

Respectful Harvest

 The final stage of our Wagyu’s journey occurs at our proprietary USDA-certified processing facility, exemplifying our core value of compassionate care. Aged 24 to 30 months, each animal is treated with the utmost respect and gentleness, including stress-free unloading and soothing environments, to ensure a dignified end. This careful process underscores our dedication to quality and ethical standards.


Proven Excellence

Award-Winning Quality and Unmatched Taste.

New England Wagyu proudly stands out in the competitive beef industry, as highlighted by our recent achievements in the Triple Crown Steak Challenge at Auburn University. Competing against 50 other farms, we secured 5th place overall, with our products being recognized as the healthiest and most delicious in the taste panel. Furthermore, our commitment to quality was underscored by our top rankings in carcass camera data, leading in both marble fineness and overall marbling percentage. These accolades not only reflect our rigorous standards but also our dedication to providing the finest Wagyu beef in the market.

in marbling percentage
# 1
in Healthiest & Best taste
# 1
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