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Travis Mills Foundation

Travis Mills Foundation

Support for Veterans and Families

The Travis Mills Foundation stands as a beacon of hope, offering support to post-9/11 recalibrated veterans and their families. They provide a serene retreat in Maine's picturesque Belgrade Lakes Region, where veterans can overcome physical and emotional challenges. This all-expenses-paid experience allows them to engage in adaptive activities, forge lasting bonds with other families, and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Supported by New England Wagyu, the foundation ensures these heroes and their families receive the rest, relaxation, and recognition they so richly deserve.


New England Wagyu’s commitment to the Travis Mills Foundation is rooted in a shared understanding of healing and resilience. Cheryl and Brian, our dedicated farm managers, bring their experiences as emergency healthcare workers and Army Ranger to our operations, underscoring the profound impact of care and community in overcoming challenges like PTSD. Inspired by their journey and our own PTSD program, we recognized a unique opportunity to extend our support beyond the farm. Partnering with the Travis Mills Foundation aligns with our mission to aid those who’ve served in military, police, fire, and medical roles, offering a broader platform to impact lives positively and provide a sanctuary for healing.

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