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Unrivaled Flavor,
Uncompromised Quality

Nestled in the lush landscapes of New Hampshire, New England Wagyu offers you an exclusive farm-to-home experience with beef that sets the bar for superior flavor. Our 100% Wagyu cattle are pasture-raised with meticulous care, ensuring a life of quality that you can taste in every tender, marbled cut.

We promise a culinary journey like no other, with each slice of our locally processed, USDA-certified Wagyu beef. Prepare for an unforgettable dining experience that redefines excellence on your plate.

Explore our Cuts

  • Bavette Steak
    Bavette Steak
  • Bone In Ribeye Steak
    Bone In Ribeye Steak
  • Chuck Eyes
    Chuck Eyes
  • Denver Steaks
    Denver Steaks
  • Filet Mignon
    Filet Mignon
  • Flank Steak
    Flank Steak
  • Flat Iron
    Flat Iron
  • Ground Burger
    Ground Burger
  • Hanger Steak
    Hanger Steak
  • Kabob
  • Minute Steaks
    Minute Steaks
  • Mock Tender
    Mock Tender
  • NY Strip Steak
    NY Strip Steak
  • Osso Bucco 2
    Osso Bucco 2
  • Osso Bucco
    Osso Bucco
  • Ox Tail
    Ox Tail
  • Picanha 2
    Picanha 2
  • Picanha
  • Ribeye
  • Round Tip
    Round Tip
  • Short Ribs
    Short Ribs
  • Shoulder Steaks
    Shoulder Steaks
  • Shoulder Tenderloin
    Shoulder Tenderloin
  • Sirloin
  • Skirt Steak
    Skirt Steak
  • Soup Bones
    Soup Bones
  • Steak Tips
    Steak Tips
  • Stew Meat
    Stew Meat
  • Suet
  • Tri-Tip
    Wagyu Beef on the Griddle

    The Essence of Wagyu:
    A Cut Above

    Wagyu beef, originating from Japan, is renowned for its extraordinary marbling, the fine webs of fat that melt into the meat as it cooks, creating a buttery tenderness and rich, sumptuous flavor that’s unmatched by other breeds. This marbling is the hallmark of Wagyu, making it a revered choice among connoisseurs and chefs alike.

    New England Wagyu:
    100% Japanese Breeding

    The legacy of Wagyu is steeped in history, with its roots in the early 2nd century, where these cattle were first introduced in Japan for agriculture and were selectively bred over generations for their physical endurance. This breeding led to increased intramuscular fat cells – the marbling – which provided a readily available energy source. It is this genetic predisposition that gives Wagyu beef its luxurious quality. Every cow in our herd is meticulously bred from 100% Japanese heritage bloodlines, bringing you an indulgent culinary experience that is truly special.

    American Wagyu:
    In the Shadow of Heritage Mastery

    American Wagyu refers often to crossbred cattle. This crossbreeding with domestic stock, such as Angus, aims to blend the marbling traits of Wagyu with the growth and size characteristics of American breeds. While this results in a meat that’s richer and more marbled than average American beef, it doesn't reach the pinnacle of marbling and the distinctive flavor profile found in the 100% Japanese Wagyu that we sell at New England Wagyu.

    At New England Wagyu, we honor the true essence of Wagyu, offering an authentic experience that pays homage to its storied past and unmatched quality. Here, you’ll find a celebration of flavor that is a testament to the exceptional marbling and the meticulous care given to our herd, promising you an indulgent culinary experience that is truly special.

    Where to Buy New England Wagyu

    New England Wagyu at Hilltop Farm
    42 Valley Rd
    Mason, NH 03048
    Tuesday-Saturday, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
    The Local Butcher
    536 S Barnstead Rd
    Center Barnstead, NH 03225

    Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Idylwilde Farms
    366 Central St
    Acton, MA 01720

    Every day except Tuesday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    Our Story

    From Humble Beginnings to Wagyu Excellence
    Sam, Diana, and Huckins

    Roots of Quality

    New England Wagyu's story began not with grand ambitions, but with a desire for meat that met the highest standards of quality and animal welfare. Founded by a family for their own table—Sam, Diana, and Huckins—their mission quickly transformed from personal consumption to a calling as the exceptional quality of their Wagyu beef became evident to friends and family. Their commitment to ethical husbandry and meat excellence led to the expansion of their farm and the strategic acquisition of a USDA Federally inspected processing plant, ensuring the humane treatment of the animals throughout their lives.

    Our Wagyu herd in the open pasture

    Superior Lineage

    The New England Wagyu herd is a carefully selected lineage, embodying the most desirable traits of the Wagyu breed. The cattle's feed is a testament to the art of husbandry, with hay sourced from local farms and meticulously analyzed by leading agricultural experts. This data informs our customized feed plan, developed by our nutritionist, Dr. Jimmy Horner, to optimize the health and signature marbling of our cattle.

    Chef preparing Wagyu Beef

    The Art of Aging

    We take pride in our dry-aging process, a traditional method that concentrates the beef's natural flavors and tenderizes the meat over time. Unlike the prevalent wet-aging process that merely serves the needs of quick distribution, our dry-aged beef is a deliberate choice for excellence, offering a culinary experience that is richly flavored and sumptuously tender, setting us apart from the rest.

    New England Wagyu Logo
    New England Wagyu
    42 Valley Road
    Mason, NH 03048
    (508) 878-2753

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