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A Journey of Flavor & Care

Dive into the heart of New England with our Wagyu, where every bite tells a story of tradition, care, and quality. Our 100% DNA-verified Wagyu cattle enjoy serene lives on vibrant pastures, nurtured by specialized diets and free from undue stress. Our unique farm-to-table approach, from nurturing pastures to our USDA-inspected facility, ensures a journey filled with care at every step, delivering beef that’s not just tasty but trusted.

100% DNA-verified
Pure Wagyu Beef
Pasture-Raised Cattle
Vertically Integrated,
From Birth to Butcher

Discover Ancestral Blend

Embrace the power of tradition with our Ancestral Blend, combining 80% lean, protein-rich beef with 20% nutrient-packed organ meats for a holistic approach to nutrition.

Proven Excellence

Award-Winning Quality and Unmatched Taste.

New England Wagyu proudly stands out in the competitive beef industry, as highlighted by our recent achievements in the Triple Crown Steak Challenge at Auburn University. Competing against 50 other farms, we secured 5th place overall, with our products being recognized as the healthiest and most delicious in the taste panel. Furthermore, our commitment to quality was underscored by our top rankings in carcass camera data, leading in both marble fineness and overall marbling percentage. These accolades not only reflect our rigorous standards but also our dedication to providing the finest Wagyu beef in the market.

in marbling percentage
# 1
in Healthiest & Best taste
# 1


Steak Tips


Explore our best sellers, each cut celebrated for its exceptional quality and unforgettable taste. Indulge in the finest Wagyu, chosen by our customers.

  • Ribeye

    Embrace the pinnacle of gourmet dining with New England Wagyu’s Ribeye, revered as the King of Steaks for its rich…

  • Shoulder Tenderloin

    Indulge in the pinnacle of tenderness with New England Wagyu’s Tenderloin, a cut revered as the jewel of beef selections.…

  • Denver

    Explore the rising star of the steak world with New England Wagyu’s Denver Steak, one of the most treasured “hidden…

  • Sirloin

    Experience the robust, classic appeal of New England Wagyu’s Sirloin, a cut that brings both tradition and flavor to your…

  • Skirt Steak

    Rediscover the vibrant, flavorful world of steak with New England Wagyu’s Skirt Steak. This lesser-known cut is a culinary treasure,…

  • Flat Iron

    Discover the “hidden gem” of New England Wagyu: the Flat Iron steak. Esteemed for its exceptional marbling that stands up…


Discover the Journey: From Pasture to Plate

"The meats here are perfect for any occasion but are extra special to serve around the holidays. Every cut of Wagyu beef we have enjoyed has been prepared with loving care and strict attention to quality. Even the ground Wagyu is elegant. It all cooks beautifully. New England Wagyu is outstanding."
"I have had Wagyu beef multiple times on both coasts as I spend 6 weeks a year in CA. New England Wagyu is absolutely the best I have ever had. It is melt in your mouth tender and the flavor is fantastic. Diana and her terrific staff at the Hilltop Farm and at the Peterborough Farmers Market provide exceptional customer service. I love visiting both locations and highly recommended New England Wagyu."
Deborah Monte
"This is what people think there getting at the supermarket, local food local people."
Brian Moran
"Excellent quality beef that you won't find anywhere else. You can't beat the prices or customer service either. Incredible family owned farm. Don't get your beef anywhere else."
Sally Pouliot
"Absolutely wonderful place to get the best cuts of meat. Go support a local farm. You won't be sorry."
Dave Z.


Discover the passionate individuals behind New England Wagyu. Our dedicated team brings our farm’s vision to life, ensuring quality and care at every level.


With our MIJ technology and transparent practices, we guarantee the exceptional standard of our Wagyu. Learn how our breed, feed, and care set us apart.

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